Playing Rules:

1) Appropriate indoor, closed-toed footwear shoes must be worn at all times during competition.

2) Shin pads and knee pads are HIGHLY recommended.

3) All jewelry must be removed and irremovable jewelry must be covered and secured. No large belt buckles allowed while using bubble balls.

4) Participants must wear a proper T-Shirt (no vests)

5) KICK-OFF – The Ball will be placed in the middle of the pitch and teams will line up along the goal line. Once the referee blows the whistle, teams may run to the ball for possession. This occurs every time a goal is scored.

6) Goal Keepers ARE NOT allowed, meaning if you wish to have one of your teammates stand in front of the goal that is not acceptable.

7) PENALTY KICKS – Penalty Kicks are given at the discretion of the ref. As long as you are making a challenge in an attempt to get the ball then no fouls will be permitted. However, if you intentionally wipe out someone when they are not looking then this could be considered a foul at the referee’s discretion.

8) OFFSIDE – No Offside rules will be applied to this game.

9)  If the soccer ball lands inside a bubble ball, play will stop immediately and the ball will be

retrieved. The Referee will then conduct a ‘drop ball’ with one member from each team.

10) CONTACT BETWEEN BUBBLE BALLS – It is forbidden to hit a player from behind, or to dive in the bubble at another’s legs. Any illegal contact will result in a warning, and a penalty shot against the opposing team for the wronged player.

11) It is forbidden to fiercely go at a player who is not wearing a bubble, or a player who is

down on the ground trying to get up; player must be on both feet before they can be bumped again.

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