Is the current mood in your office or work place down and depressed?

Do some of your employees still not gel well within the team?

If you’re looking for a team building activity that is fun, social and improves team working abilities then you have landed on the right page.

Here at Bubble Baller, not only do we cater for exhibition matches, kid’s parties and stag parties, we also offer a fun and one of a kind team building service.

In our experience nothing boosts morale more than bonding with your colleagues over some shared hilarious incidents.  Bubble Football is the perfect solution.


  • Slow introduction to get everyone relaxed and comfortable in the bubbles.
  • Mini-games to help build everyone’s confidence.
  • Qualified coach with you for the full two hours to make sure everyone is having a great time and ensuring the fun never stops

Benefits to your work place

  • Improved relationships – Once you spend 2 hours bonding in a bubble you can guarantee that the work relationships will be improved.
  • Better Communication – Team work and good communication is a massive part of Bubble Football; these improved skills will transfer back to the work place.
  • Naturally developed roles in the team – This is good for an employer to see what the natural team dynamics are e.g. who are good leaders etc.
  • Anger relief – If frustrations are running high in the office let everyone release their pent up anger in the bubble. No one gets hurt and trust us, you will feel much better.

Get in touch above to enquire about our Bubble Football team building service.  We operate all over Teesside so we will no doubt be able to agree on a mutually suitable location.  We also offer discounts if you book multiple games at once which we often find larger work places do this for different teams within their organisation.


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