Is Bubble Football The Perfect Team Building Game?

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Nothing boosts morale in the work place more than when colleagues become friends.

In our experience bonding over some hilarious, shared incidents can definitely speed up this process.

If you are looking for a good team building activity for your work place, then look no further than Bubble Football.

2 Hours of Bubble Football can help improve communication, get everyone chatting, laughing and having fun. The perfect way to introduce some new employees is in a bubble!


There are two reasons why Bubble Baller Middlesbrough Excels for work team building

Firstly, we understand that when it comes to the team building exercises, not everyone will be as excited going into it as everyone else.  Some colleagues may feel peer pressured or forced because it is a work outing and secretly might not want to be there.  This is why our perfect warm up games ease everyone in slowly.  For the first part of the session we will slowly build up everyone confidence so by the time we get ready for the main kick off, everyone is having an amazing time and ready to go!

Secondly, by the very nature of Bubble Football it is perfect for as a team building exercise.  This is because players of any skill level can play against each other and everyone can still have an amazing time.  At the end of the day the most skillful player is still in a bubble and can be wiped out completely by absolutely anyone.


Some of the benefits of Bubble Football team building include:

Improved Communication

Once you’ve communicated openly on the pitch you will find this transfers back to the working environment.

Developing Natural Roles in the Team

According to many social psychologist’s humans naturally slip into different roles.  Sports can help bring these out in people.  This allows manages to see who the naturally good leaders are.

Better Relationships

Making fun memories with people is an extremely strong way to build strong bonds that transfer into all areas of life, including back to the work place.

Letting Out Frustrations

If anyone is particularly frustrated with their colleagues’ bubble football provides a great opportunity to get some redemption!  It allows people to get out their frustrations on the pitch and go back to work with a clear head!


And that’s not all, have a look at this amazing info-graphic courtesy of The Sundial Group



Bubble Baller can offer discounted packages for multiple bookings if work places are looking to have a few matches for different teams.

Just get in touch and we will see what we can do.


The Bubble Baller Team – Number One for Bubble Football Middlesbrough

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